Handmade ceramics are characterized by their uniqueness and precision. The color and shape are selected after consultation with the customer. Pricing depends on the amount of ceramics ordered, the manufacturing technique and the choice of glazing. We accept orders for ceramics from companies, restaurants and individual customers.

We create vessel designs and also make vessels in techniques such as:
Modeling from patches of clay
Turning on the potter’s wheel
Extrusion from ready-made troughs

We handle orders for:
Ceramic mugs and cups.
Bowls and platters,
Containers for candles
Candlesticks, incense holders.
Other dishes according to the customer’s request.
We burn the works from outside the studio.

For individual orders, please contact:


1 In order to start work on the order we take a 30% deposit intended for production.
2. The deposit is non-refundable.
3 We agree with the ordering party on the delivery date, which depends on the studio’s schedule.
4. Upon completion of the work, the ordering party shall pay the balance of the amount. The order immediately leaves the studios. We prefer personal collection. In case of demand for delivery of an order, we determine the price of travel to the customer. Attention ! Due to the lack of a warehouse, we do not hold orders at the studio.
5. After 30 days from the return of the order, there is no possibility of returning the ordered ceramics or the amount due for it.

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