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Our very first collection of mugs and cups, stylistically referring to the style of the 20s’ Weimar school of arts and craft. When designing, simple geometric forms such as cylinder, sphere, cube, which we put on each other to create dishes, were crucial to us. We meant to have moderation, to keep classic forms while dressing them in out-of-the-box solutions. Oversized lugs or cylindrical bodies emphasized our fascination with modernism and the style of the 1960s. The BAUD collection is made out of very comfortable and eye-catching dishes, which owe their beauty to conciseness of form, compromise of proportions and selection of colours.

The colouring of our dishes is crucial to us. Deciding on a colour palette for our dishes, we choose the ones that will “play” with the interiors of our customers’ homes. Their symbolism is key. When selecting colours, we refer to the history of colouring. The cultural, historical and psychological meaning of colours is what interests us the most.

In 2023, the Baub collection was supplemented with sister series of Baubo candlesticks. Their cosmic form is a sentimental bow to the streamline style. We designed the candlesticks using aerodynamic lines. The very appearance of the BAUBO collection is intriguing since the form of the candlesticks deviates slightly from their function.


My latest collection. Jackie mugs are a combination of two classic shapes: a simple cylinder and a torus. The mug is enclosed in a simple compact form. Its elegant silhouette will add some style to the tableware. The minimalist cut is a great background for the meticulous selection of colours. In this collection you will find delicately iridescent black, gleaming white, flashy orange and sunny yellows. The mug has a bigger capacity then Baub mugs. It’s also an excellent dish for drinking tea or herbs. Together with the collection of tablecloths it’s an elegant and nonchalant duo, which will be perfectly suitable as an artistic addition to the interior. Jackie series was inspired by design in the 50’s in the U.S. – silhouettes referring to the space industry, colours connected to the colourful school of posters, the frenzy of the fledging capitalism.

Tablecloths Jackie, created in the spirit of American Modern, are sewn with certified linen only. Edges embroidered with threads in contrasting colors. Available in 5 colour variants.


The question of beauty itself and its reception was crucial for working with the design of the Modo vase/sculpture/object. The scope of the search was divided into two areas, the first was concerning my perception as the designer, the second area was concerning the perception of the vase by the public. Both the areas concerned one question: how do you present beauty through shape and colour? Asking myself this question, I was working on the perfect form of a vase/ceramic object. In fact, the whole thought process raised more questions about the essence of beauty. Is beauty supposed to spark a longing for what is so distant and inaccessible? Or is it supposed to be peace, love, closeness. Finally, should form and beauty be detached from feelings? Is beauty loud? Is form itself supposed to cause a feeling of closure, a sense of beauty, or should it be a surprise? In the face of these questions, we “informed” the vase/object with which we should commune, with which we experience. In addition to its strictly utilitarian form, a flower vase, it has an “experimental” function also. This effect is what we wanted.

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