Baub mug /Shiny White/


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  • Collection: Baub
  • Capacity: approx. 330 ml
  • Height: approx. 8 cm
  • Diameter: approx. 9 cm
  • Finish: Shine

Shiny White

White is dignity. It's a force. From great white classic ruins in Greece to modern products such as notebooks, smartphones and Macbooks. Apart from the temporality, there is something spirited in white. In Chinese culture it's a symbol of death and mourning. White is also the colour of a new beginning, linked to creativity and pure mind. In Buddhism, it symbolizes knowledge and the process of learning.

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A handmade ceramic mug. Our stoneware BAUB mug will be your favourite companion during morning rituals. It will undoubtedly be appreciated during a refreshement with your loved ones. All mugs made by KLO are exceptionally durable due to firing at high temperatures. Collection of mugs BAUB alludes to the style Weimar school of craft and art of the 20’s. Each mug is marked with a stamp at the bottom. A set of ceramic mugs will be a phenomenal choice for a unique gift for an enthusiast of Polish craft and design.

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