Craftsmanship and avant-garde

Explore ceramics that combine traditional craftsmanship with avant-garde trends in art, music and fashion. The entire process of creating the dishes is done by hand, and the clay, glaze and mold are carefully developed in our intimate atelier.


See what new we have prepared for you. Check the newest forms, unique patterns and colours of the latest firings' dishes!


A vase created in pursuit of craftsmanship and the ideal.


The collection of linen tablecloths was inspired by the 50’s design in the U.S. – silhouettes referring to the space industry, colours referring to the colourful school of posters, the frenzy of the fledging capitalism.


In your hands we’re placing utility ceramics, produced with traditional casting methods, objects turned on a potter’s wheel and sculptural forms modeled from sheets of chamotte clay. Simple form, vivid colours, unique silhouette – these three things make KLO dishes create an aura of uniqueness around themselves.

We glaze using dip glazing method and through spraying. Those parts of dishes that need painting are painted by hand with overglaze paints. When the glaze is well absorbed into the pores, we rub it gently into the walls so that it adheres to them better. The final firing temperature depends on the firing ranges of clay and glaze. Our ceramics are fired at a temperature of 1260°C – when glaze is subjected to heat, its components fuse parallel to the glass and the foundation, which is called sintering.

KLO ceramics are made using traditional casting techniques. After casting from plaster molds, when the structure of the vessel becomes leather-like and we notice its distinct drying, we clean it with a sponge, getting rid of all imperfections. Then the dishes are dried for 5 days. During this time, the raw clay has time to evaporate most of the water molecules. The speed of drying is of great importance for the “correctness” of the process, since a significant rush can cause the vessel to burst during firing.

Our dishes are made of stoneware. This mass consists of a mixture of sand, minerals and grog. After firing, the density of the stoneware makes the dish as heavy as stone. It is perfect for utensils (cups, plates, bowls) because its particles melt together at high temperature, which makes its surface remarkably smooth. Stoneware is also a mass extremely resistant to high temperatures, which is why products made of stoneware can be cleaned in dishwashers.


A shape to delight or disgust

A shape that captivates and stimulates feelings of closeness. It invites you to dive into the depths of the subconscious. Created in search of the perfect silhouette and master craftsmanship.


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